Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The countdown has begun - a once in a lifetime chance for you to have your say

With just the press of a button you can have your say about updating the Australian constitution to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and culture for the benefit of all Australians. You only have to 30th September 2011 to have your say.

Members of Geelong One Fire Reconciliation Group met last night to plan their submission. Individual members of the group have also had their say by taking the You Me Unity one question surveys.
It's easy with a click of a button to take a survey. To learn about the issues and help you decide what you think you can downlooad helpful and easy to information packs or a DIY kit if you want to organise a discussion with others. 

We're encouraging everyone living and working in the City of Greater Geelong to have their say too. Link here to the You Me Unity website to have your say or view the submissions others have made.  

See the latest Survey results - to date 95% who have taken the survey believe Section 25 be deleted from the Australian Constitution to remove the suggestion that an Australian voter could be excluded from voting on the basis of race.

Don't miss out - have your say now.

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