Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wathaurong & One Fire perspectives on Australia Day (Invasion Day) - a podcast

  • Wathaurong and Invasion Day - a podcast on the Pulse Community Radio (Geelong). An interview with Uncle David Tournier (Wathaurong Co-operative) and Glenda Mac Naughton (One Fire Reconciliation Group). January 2012 is available for download at the following link:
From the Pulse summary of the podcast:
This is a chat that goes all over the place about celebrations on the 26th January for Australians and talks of discrimination, lack of understanding, and our need for reconciliation. "Uncle" David Tournier and Professor Glenda MacNaughton are locals - David is heavily involved in educating our community about Indigenous Culture and History, and Glenda is on a steep learning curve to find out about where and what her birth area is all about, and how we can educate our young to accept their community. We also talk about her work with the Centre for Equity and Innovation in Early Childhood ? now - Equity and Childhood Program - as well as about the Geelong One Fire Reconciliation Group, whose aim is to foster and promote reconciliation in the region. Keep your eye out for the Geelong One Fire website ( The Wathaurong Co-op can be contacted at -  Lot 62 Morgan St.- Nth Geelong, 3215 or Ph.(03) 5277 0044 Wathaurong Health Centre is at 20a Forster St - Norlane 3214 - Ph: (03) 5277 2038 

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